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Winner of the 2020 Cowles Poetry Prize - Now Available for Purchase

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"This collection of poems isn’t a neat series of movements—it’s a messy mixture of the human and the non-human, made of multiple bodies and more collective than individual. Such is the nature of grief, Hinton tells us. It unmakes us and we must put ourselves back together with the parts at hand."

Review by Anna Mirzayan in Sundress Reads, February 2022

"Rachel Hinton’s volume of poetry Hospice Plastics is about the extraordinary level of consumption involved with long-term illness and medical care....This volume shows us how living can be seen as a process of accumulation and how difficult it can be for the onlookers when the body underneath is stripped away and finally all that we’re left with is what has accumulated."

Review by Jeanne Griggs in Necromancy Never Pays, November 2021

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